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"Every 15 Minutes" Royal High School March 6 & 7

March 2019


Dear Parents and Guardians:


On March 6 and 7, a very special educational program will take place at and around the campus of Royal High School. The program, "Every 15 Minutes," helps high school students make good decisions about drinking and driving, and encourages young people to make responsible decisions in all areas of their lives.

Beginning in California more than 20 years ago, "Every 15 Minutes" is sponsored by the Royal High School PTSA. Planning for this annual program begins many months in advance and brings together numerous local agencies to carry out this two-day event. Area businesses and organizations donate time and funding to make this effort possible. In Simi Valley, "Every 15 Minutes" alternates each year between Royal High School and Simi Valley High School.


In an effort to drive home the importance of making informed, intelligent choices regarding their decisions, Royal High School juniors and seniors will witness a staged traffic accident that will be set up on Arcane Street on the morning of March 6th. This staged accident includes student actors portraying a student who is a drunk driver and other students who are injured or lose their lives because of this "accident."

Another important part of "Eve1y 15 Minutes" is the removal of one student from a junior or senior class at 15-minute intervals before the staged accident. The removal of these students speaks to the fact that every 15 minutes, someone is killed or injured by a drunk driver.


The parents of all students who directly participate in " Every 15 Minutes" have been involved in both the planning and the delivery phases of the program.


On March 7, an assembly will be held at Royal High School where juniors and seniors will view a videotape of the previous day's events, speak about their experiences as participants in the program, and listen to speakers who have special insight into the tragedies which can occur as the result of making the wrong decisions.


Our purpose in informing families in the Simi Valley Unified School District about the "Every 15 Minutes" program is twofold. Firstly, we want all families in our school community to be aware that a staged accident that will include actual emergency first responders (police, firefighters, ambulance) reenacting the "accident" along Arcane Street on March 6. We do not want to cause any undue anxiety for community members who may be in the area at the time this event takes place. Secondly, having "Every 15 Minutes" take place this month provides a perfect opportunity for parents and guardians (regardless of the ages of their children), to talk together as families about the importance of young people behaving responsibly and making good decisions


We value our partnership with you in your children's education. We also applaud the efforts of all of the agencies and organizations in our community who have pulled together to make this program at Royal High School possible. Please do not hesitate to contact Secondary Education at (805) 306-4500 extension 4206 if you have any questions about Royal High School's "Every 15 Minutes" program.

Dr. Jason Peplinski


Posted by: Sinaloa Webmaster Published:2/1/19
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