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Attendance Office Contact

Maureen Spielman
School Services Asst II
Attendance Office
(805) 520-6830, then press 1


Students are expected to be in classes at all times.  Students who are not in class and not excused are considered truant and will be assigned consequences such as detention, administrative U, suspension, or a referral to the Student Attendance and Review Board (SARB).

SVUSD Attendance Policies

Daily Bell and Rotation Schedule

Good attendance is crucial to a student's academic success and in forming life-long habits and self-discipline.  The Simi Valley Unified School District attendance policy is very specific and recognizes the joint responsibility of the school district and parents/guardians to work together to ensure good attendance patterns for all students.

Please contact the Attendance Office to clear absences and tardies or to request an early check-out. Absences are recorded period by period at the secondary school level. See Details below.

To contact Sinaloa Middle School's Attendance Desk:

CALL ENGLISH: Call (805) 520-6830, then press 1 or Extensions 7141 or 7021. Leave a voicemail at anytime, day or night.

CALL SPANISH: Call (805) 520-6830, then press the star (*) key. Leave a voicemail at anytime, day or night.



Clearing Absences: Parents/Guardians should notify the Attendance Office immediately if their student will NOT be attending school or within 24 hours of the absence.  Parent/guardian can CALL, EMAIL or send in a WRITTEN NOTE.  Parent/guardian can call the attendance line anytime day or night and leave a voicemail to clear absences.  Please provide the student first and last name, student ID #, relationship to the student and the date(s) and reason for the absence.

Excused Absences: Illness, medical and dental appointments, death in immediate family, court appearance (verification required), and quarantine or immunizations.

Unexcused Absences: Personal business and vacation. Although these absences may be verified by the parent/guardian, the state of California considers them unexcused and will be listed as a verified unexcused truancy in Aeries.

PLEASE NOTE: Parents have five school days from the first day of absence to clear/verify their absences with the Attendance Office. After five days, all unverified absences will be recorded as truancies. Parents of students with excessive absences will be notified by letter and if necessary will be referred to the School Attendance and Review Board (SARB) and/or law enforcement.

Make-Up Work: Homework requests are taken by the Health Office (805) 520-6830, Extension 7022 for students who will be missing three or more days of school. If absent less than three days, parents/students are expected to contact a teacher or fellow student for make-up assignments.

Early Student Check-Out

To request an early student check-out, the student's parent or guardian should call, email, or send in a written note to the Attendance Office requesting an early student checkout. Contact the Attendance office as soon as possible or please try to call at least one hour before you will pick up your student so that we can have your student waiting for you in the office. Parents can call the attendance line anytime day or night and leave a voicemail.

The student MUST be picked up and signed out at the attendance office by someone who is on the emergency contact list and they must be over 18 years old and show a valid ID to release student.


When a student is late to school, the student must go directly to the Attendance Office to check-in and get a Tardy Pass before going to class.

The parent or guardian should accompany the student to the office, or call, email or send in a written note to the Attendance Office to excuse the tardy or to report that a student will be coming in late to school. Please be sure to state the student’s full name and reason for the tardy in your phone message, email, or written note. Tardy excuses are the same as listed above for absences.

There exists a direct correlation between on-time attendance in class and academic success. Therefore, Sinaloa Middle School takes seriously the responsibility of supporting student punctuality. Students are considered to be tardy to class if they are not in their class at the time the tardy bell rings. Excessive tardies may result in detentions and possible referral to the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB). Moreover, excessive tardies to any number of classes during any quarter will result in an "U" in citizenship which will affect Renaissance and Promotion Activity requirements. Effective Aug. 2019, the school administration will assign detention to students who are habitually tardy to classes.

# of Tardies





Parent email


Administrative Warning

Parent call


1-2 lunch detentions, depending on severity

Parent call


1-2 after school detentions, depending on severity

Parent conference


One on-campus suspension

Parent conference

Students must also follow their teacher’s individual tardy policy which can be found in the teacher’s classroom management plan.


Periodically, at the discretion of the administration, the campus will conduct a tardy sweep, in which all students who are not in class at the time the bell rings will gather in the library for counseling and possible discipline.

Maureen Spielman
School Services Asst II
Attendance Office


Simi Valley Unified School District Attendance Information

Information about the Simi Valley Unified School District Attendance Policy

Información sobre la asistencia El Distrito Escolar Unificado de Simi Valley