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1.  Learning

Learning is the top priority at Sinaloa Middle School. Your teachers are ready to help you have a great year of learning. This test includes information and skills you will learn in middle school as well as what you will learn in high school. Sometimes learning will be exciting and fun.  Sometimes learning will be hard work and not too much fun. Your challenge at Sinaloa will be to make the most of every opportunity to learn. Don't cheat yourself by not learning something just because it is more difficult. Give your very best effort in every class, and let your teacher know when you need some help. Sinaloa teachers truly want to help you learn!

2.  Respect

A second aspect of our Code of Behavior is Respect. We must all respect each other if Sinaloa is to remain one of the best Middle Schools in California. All adults on campus will do their best to treat you with respect. Make sure you do your part to treat adults and other students with respect at all times.  

3.  Safety

Sinaloa Middle School is a safe campus in the safest city in America.  All of us must stay committed to safety if our school and city are to remain safe.  Learn the rules and follow them. Do yourself and your friends a favor and report any dangerous situation to an adult. Simply be a responsible citizen.

The teachers and staff are here to help you have a terrific year at Sinaloa Middle School. We will do our best to help you learn, treat you with respect and keep you safe. Follow our Code of Behavior and do your part to have a great year!


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