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PSAT 8 9



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PSAT flier

PSAT Test Informational Flyer

Do Bring

  • 2 each #2 Pencils, no mechanical pencils.
  • Earphones, if testing with certain assistive technology devices.

Don't Bring

Leave these items in your locker unless you have an approved accommodation to bring them:

  • Phones, cameras, timers, MP3 players, digital or smartwatches, or any other electronic items that can be used to record or communicate.
  • Any laptop, notebook, tablet, or other computing device not owned by the school.
  • Highlighters or colored pencils.
  • Dictionaries, pamphlets, or other books.

Recommended Items

  • Acceptable calculator (for the Math Test—Calculator portion of the test only). All students will be able to use the online calculator during the test.
  • A watch with no audible alarm or communications/recording capabilities.
  • Snacks and drinks (for the breaks).
  • Extra batteries and a backup calculator.