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Questions about your order?

Jostens Customer Service:
(877) 767-5217



Barbara Jarrard
Sinaloa ASB Office
(805) 520-6830


Order 2023-2024 School Portraits from Cornerstone

Contact or (805) 529-1635 for information.

2023-2024 Yearbooks

Buy a Yearbook


The 2023-2024 yearbooks are on sale. Go to . The current cost of the yearbook is $65. We expect to sell out again this year. There are not many left.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I ordered a yearbook online. When will my child receive the yearbook?
A. Yearbooks will be distributed as soon as we receive them. They are currently scheduled to be distributed the last week of school but that can be subject to change.

Q. I know I bought a yearbook from Sinaloa at the beginning of the school year. Can the ASB Office look up my order?
A. Yearbooks are only sold online until May 2024. If you aren't sure if you purchased a yearbook online, please contact Barbara Jarrard by email at

Q. I don't make online purchases, can I purchase a yearbook from the ASB Office?
A. Yearbooks can only be ordered from Josten's secure website until May 2024. Any unsold yearbooks will go on sale in the ASB office in May 2024 for cash only. Yearbooks are likely to sell out this year as they have in the past. There may not be yearbooks for sale after they are shipped.

Q. Why are yearbooks so expensive?
A. The Sinaloa 2023-2024 yearbook is a high quality, hard bound, full color, custom book from Jostens Yearbooks. It was created to be a lasting memory of your child's year at Sinaloa Middle School.

Q. What happens if I miss the May deadline?
A. Yearbooks are ordered in a limited quantity. They will be available until they are sold out. Sales are exceeding our expectations so there may not be any for sale after they are shipped to Sinaloa in May. It is recommended you purchase your yearbook online while they are available for sale.

Q. Can I purchase a yearbook after the last day of school?
A. Yearbooks will be available for sale until they are sold out. In previous years, we sold out of yearbooks the first week of sales. Don't be disappointed, reserve your yearbook online!

*NOTE: 2022-2023 yearbooks are sold-out. Please contact the school Office if you purchased a 2022-2023 yearbook and did not receive it. We also have some yearbooks from previous years that were never picked up.