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8th Grade Resume Information

8th Grade Resume Worksheet
(MS Word)

8th Grade Resume Template
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Resume Guidelines

Sample Resume

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Two times each year, Sinaloa students choose a piece of work from every class to include in a personal portfolio. At the end of 8th grade, students select work from this portfolio to present to community leaders. The 8th Grade Portfolio Day is always exciting.  Students dress professionally and prepare a resumé to supplement their portfolio presentation. Simi Valley community leaders are consistently impressed with Sinaloa 8th Graders.

Dress to Impress!

For Portfolio Day and 8th grade Promotion!

Clothing should be as if you were attending a nice restaurant, church, job interview, etc. Should any student have any difficulty with this please see Mr. Torti so he can help!

Collared, button, dress shirt Dress
Tie Skirt and Nice Top
Nice/Dress Pants Pants and Nice Top
Dress Shoes (Optional) Dress shoes (Optional)
Suits (Optional) Modesty is mandatory!
Jacket (Optional)

2023 8th grade Portfolio Day

Our eighth graders worked with their Homeroom, English, and History teachers to prepare for Portfolio Day on Thursday, May 18, 2023 during PE classes. Students highlighted their favorite work from all six of their classes and presented it to volunteer community members. What a wonderful opportunity for students and adults!

Interview Rubric

If you are an adult who is interested in being a part of future Portfolio Days, please call or email Mr. Rumble at or (805) 520-6830.

Portfolio Day Pic
Portfolio Day Pic
Portfolio Day Pic
Portfolio Day Pic